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Monday, January 23, 2006

Finishing the book

For the next few days, I am putting the finishing touches on my book....
I will update later today or tomorrow

Thursday, January 19, 2006

My Kid Said It Best

She said it best, so I post her words regarding the SFSE Shit that is permeating our community. At the end, click on the Free to Stitch, Free to Bitch Pic and go help support the cause.....
Hi all, Im 16 and I have to say it never ceases to amaze me how a SMALL company decides it is prudent to take on a mass of people joined by a common thought or shared experience. A mass of people that share in eachothers joy, support and give strength and hope to someone they don't know beyond the writings in a blog, forge friendships and bonds that cross nations that make us all wonder, hmm perhaps the politicians should learn to knit and sit in a room together and stitch and kevetch or bitch or cry or whine or complain or brag or ascribe or lament or boast or well, you see where I am headed.
From what I have seen, the postings are not all that much, cept for admins. Wonder what their actual readership is.
I would also suggest those near their physical shop go knit in front of the store or near enough to it, and get some publicity, call it a knit and kevetch ( so as not to further the wrath of legal beagles ) and let people who frequent their shop know. Power of the pissed off masses. Do they not know the term REVOLUTION?
Somehow I think these people aren't aware that there is a world outside NYC.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Almanac along update and a few fo's

Almanac Along -
The sweater is finally underway, despite a few kinks.It's about 5" now. I like the increases in the purls around the twisted rib st. This is going quickly for me, tho, I am starting to not look forward to the steeks. I am NOT impressed with my camera. It doesnt want to take the picture the way I want it to. The detailing is lost ... despite trying to adjust the filters...
Anywho.. that's where it is at

This is a small purse I made for Ditzy. I used Marilyn's Bite Me Chart, which was just perfect for both the purse and Ditz. The wool is Galway. I find it has a tendency to felt fast and suddenly, so I have learned to watch it closely.For whatever reason girls cannot carry large purses at school, they can be only large enough to hold pen, pencil, wallet and cell phone. That meant small was needed. Next one I do, tho, I didn't like the way I did the handles. They are not real sturdy

Ditz wanted a black and silver ribbon v neck with 3/4 sleeves to go with her black and silver pinstripe pants. Usually she wears a white shirt under it. Her one complaint.. the ribbon doesn't come in camo. Anyone with a ribbon or wool camo yarn, email me. She lives for Camo ( I already know about Red Heart and Bernats.. Im looking for something more high end ).

And finally.....

Ok, so its a crappy pic, but she was in her PT clothes and I wanted a pic. deal with it. She requested this as well. She wanted a full length Cardi, with lace, ribbing.
Only thing I would do differently... clasps, not buttons. She picked the buttons ( handpainted fimo shanks that match ) and she likes them, so it's all good. The lace matches up on the sleeves. hard to see with this crappy camera.

The OD Alpaca hasnt been worked on, the Almanac along kinda got to me.
I joined the Knitters Olympics... gonna swatch ( training as harlot says ) tomorrow.
Had luch with Mush and Tammy from IowaChicksKnitting yesterday. Always cool to put faces and personalities to names.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Woo Hoo

Ok, so I am going to post a gallery of some of the stuff I have knitted in the past year sometime in the next few days.
Almanac Along - 5" into it, going smoothly, patterns are almost in my head. I am liking the way it is going. Pictures tomorrow ( would have been today, but things happened )
Ok, so Harlot ( and boy is my family impressed with you ) started a KAL of sorts. It's called the Knitters Olympics. Beginning when the torch is lit,you have until the torch is extinguished 16 days later to complete a challenging project for your knitting level/expertise. With two teenagers, one who is the Battalion Commander ( promoted today) and the other being the S2/3 (promoted today) for their high school JROTC, me being the JROTC drill mom, and there being practices 5 days a week, staff meetings and the like , with my usual weekday starting at 5am and not ending til late at night, being in the Almanac-Along and a myriad of other February deadlines, along with one out of state meet and another meet here in Iowa, the challenge for me is not just what but when to knit. So, I am going to do a lace weight linen trapeze tank top for my best friend who is pregnant and likes loose normally.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pattern for boots and other babble

The KickStart Boots pattern is now available at my blog, and at my soon to be completed website .Only the two pages that are updated frequently are 100%, the freebies and the sneak peak of the Creature Comforts book, but feel free to look around and tell me what you think ( I am wanting opinions )

Friday, January 13, 2006

Boots and Almanac Update

First let me say it is 6:30 am and we leave for the first drill meet at 3:30 am. My kids are excited, me, I'm tired !!!
Felted Boots
Ok, so C's are done, on their way with DH to work to his coworker so that the co worker can get them to his wife. Yes, they are small, she is all of a woman's size 6 shoe and skinny skinny !
I also have posted a pic of my pair that I made a year ago and wear ,... a lot ! I really should invest in bottoms for them, as I do wear them outside frequently ! Mine are a bit shorter, I prefer boots over the ankle, but not up to my knee. Pattern will be posted Sunday or Monday, depending what time we get home Saturday.
So here they are
I put some cloth napkins in them as they dried to shape them.
The furry part is Moda Dea Chi Chi, very soft, but somewhat pricey. The wool I used is Plymouth Galway.
My much beloved pair. The faux fur is Moda Dea Espree and again the wool is Galway. I love Galway for felting. The spot?? well see, it's coffee. Trying to have DD take pic at 6 am when we are in a hurry resulted in a coffee spill.

Almanac Update.
Ripped back again, didn't like the one panel I selected, or maybe it was the yarn. Switched yarn and panel and whapped out 20 rounds last night. Ok, so it isn't creamy white. Shoot me. White and it's family and this family cannot seem to come to an agreement that it doesn't become a dirt magnet. It is a very pale grey , and I am using one of my most favorite yarns, Maratona.
Pics Sunday , I promise. It will be long enough by then to see some detail.
Pics as well of small bag with the Bite Me chart from Marilyn I made for DD and forgot to post pics of.

Ok, so off to try and get some sleep. Kids get out at noon, and I do have some things to do before then, but a nap is in order, considering I have to be somewhat human at 3 am.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Boots and Arans and OD Green Alpaca

Ok, so the boots are knitted, felted and drying. Pics tomorrow. Pattern in the shoppe later this week.
The aran is officially underway... and the OD Green Alpaca for my DD is making nice progress.
Not much to say today... been a long day.
Full aran details tomorrow..
My book is well underway, Haute Couture for Dogs.. Title still not decided yet... taking suggestions. All the patterns are written but need to type em out, make sure no errors... pictures being taken( oh and my dogs are less than thrilled with the clothing on, clothing off, hold still, bribe to hold still, chase dog to get more clothes on . They love their clothes, just aren't used to being changed several times in a few hours. )

Sunday, January 08, 2006

bears and arans and boots OH MY

Ok, so the shawl for A is done and will be on its way to A tomorrow. No pics... don't ask. While I liked the overall result, I wasn't as happy as I could have been. I think it was the yarn, it really didn't want to be a shawl, so it was a struggle the last 12 inches. ( Don't you hate arguing with yarn! ) It was knitted side to side with a total of 56 inches.
Boots for C should be felting tomorrow.. The alpaca for daughter making progress...
Aran Update below....
I said the day before yesterday that I would post a pic of the bear I got from D..
Isn't she cute !My wall isn't white, your monitor is not acting up. It's a pale dusty rose.

So, Aran Update for EK Almanac Knit Along
I have it all charted, I ripped it back ( was not looking the way I wanted.. took out a few simple plaits, added a few more repeats in the main pattern. ) The inspiration for my design is rope. Not knots. Rope. The cables I have selected for the Marquis Aran are all rope-like .
This is not my first time venturing into designing an aran. For me, the process of it all is so soothing. One I'd forgotten how much I enjoy ,, Thanks again Franklin and Tricky ! I have to say, the last Aran I designed for DD, who wears it a lot, I did from the neck down. I do a lot of my designs from the neck down. This one, going from bottom up will take me back to some basics...
I like the look of the plaits up the center in EZ's pullover version, so those are most definitely staying. Steeks... This is something I am looking forward, not my usual methodology, but I am looking forward to it.
Well, it's late, the kids have a 6 am practice ( first meet of the drill season is Saturday ! )so there will be lots of practices at which I can sit and knit.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Back to our regular programming......

Today.. Didn't get anything knitting related done.
Tonight, I plan on it.
Dropped Daughter's JROTC Class A pants off to have the hem lowered and got the cutest teddy bear ( THANKS D! ) Pictures tomorrow. Preview - bear, with glasses, bag with a cat in it, ball of yarn with knitting needles and the bag with the kitty says "Knitting is my bag"
Shawl for A WILL be done tonight or tomorrow.
Boots on sunday.
Alpaca for Daughter will be next week.
Aran almost picture worthy.
Post all about the aran tomorrow!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hand me my coffee

Originally I was going to talk about the beginnings of the Aran sweater I am doing for the KAL. Then I was going to talk on "Hire a Teenager while they still know it all" as last night the younger male decided to ... oh nevermind...
But rather events lead me to say that my heart is with the family of the young lady who has passed away . She attended the same high school as my kids, and my daughter knew her . Knew her in the sense of who she was and that they had some classes together .
I mention that last part because this young woman , while having some friends and having people know who she was, she was still somewhat obscure. It's the obscurity that should smack EVERY adult in the face to wake up and take a moment to , if nothing else, say I'm here to listen.
At 15, this young woman chose a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and no one saw it coming.. and my question is why. The signs were there. The obscurity, the change in personal habits, the sudden removal of oneself from their friends.....
It seems adults want to let kids have their independence at a time in their lives when they think they know it all, but actually know nothing. There is a big difference between giving them independence and being ignorant of what is going on in their lives. And it is NOT just the parents responsibility, or the schools. It's all of ours.
I spend a great deal of time with my kids and their friends, I've often taken a kid aside and spent time listening.
Teenagers think they know it all, can do it all, and are able to handle it all... As adults, frustrating tho it may all be, we need to take a few extra moments each day and KNOW what is going on in our kids lives, more than what homework they have .
It sounds silly, I know, but TURN OFF the computer, tv, mp3, video game thingy and spend 15 minutes hearing about their day. Ask questions. Impart knowledge and above all - listen. Have dinner as a family, at least once a week, at a table, with no tv in the background.
I didn't know the young woman, but I am going to spend a few extra minutes tonight at my kid's practice with the other kids... I always do, and it won't be strange to them. Suicide in high schools can cause other kids to contemplate, attempt and sadly succeed when one student has.
Spend a few moments talking to your kids about the subject. No, I don't know what to say to them... but today, I think it is more important than ever to listen. Many of us live in small communities here in Iowa, a luxury we all take for granted, but in a small community, how is it a child can lead a life of relative obscurity???
What scares me most, is that this is NOT the only child in the High School who has contemplated suicide recently.
The kids are all... foggy... but its a more maudlin fog than when the last 2 years students were killed in car accidents, tho the kids are making comparisons.. meaning they need to discuss it , try to understand it. School counselors can only do so much.
Don't just hire a teenager while they still know it all, talk to them while they do.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Not enough hours

Today, I have to run to the next town over. One hour in the car..
So there went 2 hours of my day.
Have to be back by 3. Have to leave a note for the twit that is the UPS man. Though I doubt he will see it, despite being sent a message on his console by his supervisor. This .... person has the ability to not do his very simple job of delivering packages. More than once, I have been sitting,knitting in the living room, which is less than 10 ft from the outer door of the house ( we have an enclosed porch ) , watched as he has come to the door, sans package, slapped a yellow sticker on the door and left. Multiple complaints to his supervisor ( who is now on speed dial ) doesn't seem to get through to him that his job actually requires him to knock on the door, hand the person their package, sometimes get a signature, and leave. It appears I will be seeing the supervisor delivering my daughter's gown for the JROTC ball after hours.
WOO HOO.. 7 more inches on the shawl for A!
DD's sweater.. front finished, back half way
Boots.. These are for the wife of one of my DH's coworkers. Cast on and moving along
Almanac KAL Update - Yup, DD knew exactly where it was. January, Aran.
I am excited for this. I have been designing for several years an Aran and it will get cast on tonight or tomorrow ( when the last 7 inches of the shawl are done ).
More later.... gotta go

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Almanac Knitalong

Ok, not being one to join the KAL thing, this one appeals to me, and I am taking the plunge.
First let me say that since I got this book ... years ( let's leave it at that )ago, I have meant to do it as a month by month project. I've never gotten round to it.
So I am off to my lofty knitting room to find where I put it. I have an idea where it is.. I think... Well, Ditzy my daughter will know where it is.
Oh, I've been asked what happened to the old posts..
Weellll, I went on a cleaning binge, went to archive them, and in a frenzy clicked delete.
So, it's a new blog. Kind of.

Helllooooo 2006

OK, so it's the 3rd, give me a break. I suffered bad blogger last year, hopefully this year it will be different..... hopefully.
I think I am with Marilyn and Franklin on resolutions ! I just don't see the point in resolving to live differently just because it's the new year.
Weekend was good. Had a party New Years Day... Kids played Axis and Allies, and we all watched Da Bears.
Changes afoot in my blog.. Free patterns are being posted regularily, and in a month or so, the Pattern Emporium will open with my designs.
As usual, I am in a hurry this morning....