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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Of heels and gussets

Pic tomorrow.
Was sitting here watching tv, when my messenger was ringing... Roggey was in a heel crisis. Yes , the Titanic sock was sinking and taking her down with it.
But a few soothing words, some smart ass comments, and voila, her heel is turned and she has picked up her gusset and is before our next lesson on Sunday doing the gusset decreases.
To accomodate her love of the look of her clockwise purl, we are every other row doing a clockwise knit which is giving the same look, at least it is on my end.
Well kiddies, I'm back to the OD Alpaca for tonight.....
Forgot to mention After much thought and discussion, I am redoing my website. Again. Ease of navigation will remain, easy to read will make an entry and stay put. A couple new sections too! Will post when its available


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