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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Almanac along update and a few fo's

Almanac Along -
The sweater is finally underway, despite a few kinks.It's about 5" now. I like the increases in the purls around the twisted rib st. This is going quickly for me, tho, I am starting to not look forward to the steeks. I am NOT impressed with my camera. It doesnt want to take the picture the way I want it to. The detailing is lost ... despite trying to adjust the filters...
Anywho.. that's where it is at

This is a small purse I made for Ditzy. I used Marilyn's Bite Me Chart, which was just perfect for both the purse and Ditz. The wool is Galway. I find it has a tendency to felt fast and suddenly, so I have learned to watch it closely.For whatever reason girls cannot carry large purses at school, they can be only large enough to hold pen, pencil, wallet and cell phone. That meant small was needed. Next one I do, tho, I didn't like the way I did the handles. They are not real sturdy

Ditz wanted a black and silver ribbon v neck with 3/4 sleeves to go with her black and silver pinstripe pants. Usually she wears a white shirt under it. Her one complaint.. the ribbon doesn't come in camo. Anyone with a ribbon or wool camo yarn, email me. She lives for Camo ( I already know about Red Heart and Bernats.. Im looking for something more high end ).

And finally.....

Ok, so its a crappy pic, but she was in her PT clothes and I wanted a pic. deal with it. She requested this as well. She wanted a full length Cardi, with lace, ribbing.
Only thing I would do differently... clasps, not buttons. She picked the buttons ( handpainted fimo shanks that match ) and she likes them, so it's all good. The lace matches up on the sleeves. hard to see with this crappy camera.

The OD Alpaca hasnt been worked on, the Almanac along kinda got to me.
I joined the Knitters Olympics... gonna swatch ( training as harlot says ) tomorrow.
Had luch with Mush and Tammy from IowaChicksKnitting yesterday. Always cool to put faces and personalities to names.


  • At 6:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    all your WIPs and FOs look lovely.
    question- where did you get that 'bite me' chart? i looked on marilyn's website but couldnt for the life of me find it. is it available? thanks!

  • At 6:53 AM , Anonymous roggey said...

    I'm envious you were able to meet the Mush and Tammy!

    I'm not much for lavendar or lilac colors, but the long cardi is just lovely.

  • At 7:22 AM , Blogger Lady Wyvern said...

    Thank you thank you.
    Rogggey, it was a lot of fun.
    Emily, the chart is here - http://www.knittingcurmudgeon.com/archives/2005_10_01_archive.html about halfway down.

  • At 10:16 AM , Anonymous bluealto said...

    Hot DAMN that's a lot of knitting! The lavender cardigan is amazing!!!

    And thanks for the tip about galway...I was just fondling some the other day and thought I might go pick some up.

  • At 1:54 AM , Anonymous adrienne said...

    i've used a camo yarn before - not a ribon yarn, just a dk acrylic one.. i can't seem to see it online anywhere, but there's a very similar one here. the one i used was not the 'baby fab' but just 'fab' and they do it in the self-patterning camoflage colours. it's quite pleasant to knit with too.


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