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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Not enough hours

Today, I have to run to the next town over. One hour in the car..
So there went 2 hours of my day.
Have to be back by 3. Have to leave a note for the twit that is the UPS man. Though I doubt he will see it, despite being sent a message on his console by his supervisor. This .... person has the ability to not do his very simple job of delivering packages. More than once, I have been sitting,knitting in the living room, which is less than 10 ft from the outer door of the house ( we have an enclosed porch ) , watched as he has come to the door, sans package, slapped a yellow sticker on the door and left. Multiple complaints to his supervisor ( who is now on speed dial ) doesn't seem to get through to him that his job actually requires him to knock on the door, hand the person their package, sometimes get a signature, and leave. It appears I will be seeing the supervisor delivering my daughter's gown for the JROTC ball after hours.
WOO HOO.. 7 more inches on the shawl for A!
DD's sweater.. front finished, back half way
Boots.. These are for the wife of one of my DH's coworkers. Cast on and moving along
Almanac KAL Update - Yup, DD knew exactly where it was. January, Aran.
I am excited for this. I have been designing for several years an Aran and it will get cast on tonight or tomorrow ( when the last 7 inches of the shawl are done ).
More later.... gotta go


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