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Sunday, January 08, 2006

bears and arans and boots OH MY

Ok, so the shawl for A is done and will be on its way to A tomorrow. No pics... don't ask. While I liked the overall result, I wasn't as happy as I could have been. I think it was the yarn, it really didn't want to be a shawl, so it was a struggle the last 12 inches. ( Don't you hate arguing with yarn! ) It was knitted side to side with a total of 56 inches.
Boots for C should be felting tomorrow.. The alpaca for daughter making progress...
Aran Update below....
I said the day before yesterday that I would post a pic of the bear I got from D..
Isn't she cute !My wall isn't white, your monitor is not acting up. It's a pale dusty rose.

So, Aran Update for EK Almanac Knit Along
I have it all charted, I ripped it back ( was not looking the way I wanted.. took out a few simple plaits, added a few more repeats in the main pattern. ) The inspiration for my design is rope. Not knots. Rope. The cables I have selected for the Marquis Aran are all rope-like .
This is not my first time venturing into designing an aran. For me, the process of it all is so soothing. One I'd forgotten how much I enjoy ,, Thanks again Franklin and Tricky ! I have to say, the last Aran I designed for DD, who wears it a lot, I did from the neck down. I do a lot of my designs from the neck down. This one, going from bottom up will take me back to some basics...
I like the look of the plaits up the center in EZ's pullover version, so those are most definitely staying. Steeks... This is something I am looking forward, not my usual methodology, but I am looking forward to it.
Well, it's late, the kids have a 6 am practice ( first meet of the drill season is Saturday ! )so there will be lots of practices at which I can sit and knit.


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