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Monday, January 16, 2006

Woo Hoo

Ok, so I am going to post a gallery of some of the stuff I have knitted in the past year sometime in the next few days.
Almanac Along - 5" into it, going smoothly, patterns are almost in my head. I am liking the way it is going. Pictures tomorrow ( would have been today, but things happened )
Ok, so Harlot ( and boy is my family impressed with you ) started a KAL of sorts. It's called the Knitters Olympics. Beginning when the torch is lit,you have until the torch is extinguished 16 days later to complete a challenging project for your knitting level/expertise. With two teenagers, one who is the Battalion Commander ( promoted today) and the other being the S2/3 (promoted today) for their high school JROTC, me being the JROTC drill mom, and there being practices 5 days a week, staff meetings and the like , with my usual weekday starting at 5am and not ending til late at night, being in the Almanac-Along and a myriad of other February deadlines, along with one out of state meet and another meet here in Iowa, the challenge for me is not just what but when to knit. So, I am going to do a lace weight linen trapeze tank top for my best friend who is pregnant and likes loose normally.


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