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Friday, January 13, 2006

Boots and Almanac Update

First let me say it is 6:30 am and we leave for the first drill meet at 3:30 am. My kids are excited, me, I'm tired !!!
Felted Boots
Ok, so C's are done, on their way with DH to work to his coworker so that the co worker can get them to his wife. Yes, they are small, she is all of a woman's size 6 shoe and skinny skinny !
I also have posted a pic of my pair that I made a year ago and wear ,... a lot ! I really should invest in bottoms for them, as I do wear them outside frequently ! Mine are a bit shorter, I prefer boots over the ankle, but not up to my knee. Pattern will be posted Sunday or Monday, depending what time we get home Saturday.
So here they are
I put some cloth napkins in them as they dried to shape them.
The furry part is Moda Dea Chi Chi, very soft, but somewhat pricey. The wool I used is Plymouth Galway.
My much beloved pair. The faux fur is Moda Dea Espree and again the wool is Galway. I love Galway for felting. The spot?? well see, it's coffee. Trying to have DD take pic at 6 am when we are in a hurry resulted in a coffee spill.

Almanac Update.
Ripped back again, didn't like the one panel I selected, or maybe it was the yarn. Switched yarn and panel and whapped out 20 rounds last night. Ok, so it isn't creamy white. Shoot me. White and it's family and this family cannot seem to come to an agreement that it doesn't become a dirt magnet. It is a very pale grey , and I am using one of my most favorite yarns, Maratona.
Pics Sunday , I promise. It will be long enough by then to see some detail.
Pics as well of small bag with the Bite Me chart from Marilyn I made for DD and forgot to post pics of.

Ok, so off to try and get some sleep. Kids get out at noon, and I do have some things to do before then, but a nap is in order, considering I have to be somewhat human at 3 am.


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