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Monday, February 27, 2006

Yippee and Yay Me

I finished my Olympic knitting
There was a grim moment, when 4 pairs of kickstart boots over took the initial start and I missed starting at the opening ceremonies.
So here it is -
The Olympic Mama, Not the Mama Tank
History- My dear friend Jill is pregnant and isn't the frou frou maternity clothes type. She wanted a tank ( since she will be preggers in Iowa Summer ) that would be functional after she was pregnant , loose fitting and blue.
The Challenges- Oh definately the bottom edge with its 207 sts decreasing 4 sts every 10th row. Was going to do it in the round but 414 sts was psychologically impossible to get my head around when I started. Also, Jill is Vegan. So the yarn choice I had ( a nice alpaca silk blend ) was OUT and in came Flax Linen. And yes, it is true, wash it more it becomes softer.
Would I do it again?- I plan on it
Will the pattern be available- Sometime soon


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